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Solar energy technology converts the energy of the sun’s rays into electricity or heat we can use. There are many unique varieties of solar energy technologies–which include photovoltaic (PV), concentrated, passive, and thermal–but everyone is ready to harness the sun’s certainly inexhaustible power to electricity our lives.

Photovoltaic sun (PV) is excellent acknowledged most broadly identified. Those solar panels you notice on a neighbor’s residence or in an area? That’s PV solar. In line with the countrywide Renewable energy Laboratory, the name comes “from the method of changing light (photons) to electricity (voltage), which is known as the PV effect.”

The usage of solar energy has a protracted record. Despite everything, hundreds of years ago, the Greeks and Romans harnessed the solar with mirrors to light torches. Loads occurred between them and 1954 when PV cells have been developed at Bell Labs in New Jersey. And over 60 years after their invention, solar energy is hastily becoming one of the best approaches to hold the lights on around the world.

But, thanks to massive Polluters, there’s a lot of misinformation obtainable. We set the story immediately and come up with the information so that you know what to say the next time you hear a huge Polluter talking point approximately solar energy.


  • China is the world’s leader in solar energy. Not only are over 60 percent of panels produced there, but the country accounted for 40 percent of the solar installed around the arena.
  • California is the American leader in solar energy–with enough installed solar to power over 6 million homes.

Did you know solar farms can float on water? Japan has over 60 installations (and more than any other nation in the world). In fact, “a 2018 World Bank report estimated the global potential for floating solar arrays on artificial water surfaces would exceed 400 gigawatts.”


Burning fossil fuels is the primary cause of weather change. When we burn fossil fuels, we release greenhouse gases (like carbon dioxide) into our surroundings. This greater carbon pollution traps warmness, inflicting worldwide temperatures to rise and our weather to alternate over the years. Grimy energy forms like coal, oil, and herbal fuel additionally release risky pollution into our air and water when we burn them. Solar power, alternatively, is a smooth and renewable way to power our global–because it doesn’t release more carbon pollutants into our ecosystem. It’s excellent for our weather, right for our health, and precise for maintaining the lights on.

Better but? When there’s a huge oil spill from a tanker or gasoline leaks from a pipeline, it’s a catastrophe. While there’s a big solar energy spill, it’s simply referred to as a great day. Solar energy keeps getting inexpensive and genuinely makes economic sense. The solar keeps rising and the expenses keep falling! In line with the economic advisory company Lazard, the fee to supply one megawatt-hour of solar fell a remarkable 86 percent between 2009 and 2017.

Higher yet, which means the fee of solar in 2017 becomes less than 1/2 the price of coal the equal a year. Bottom line? Solar is a generation, not gasoline. And as technology develops, it turns inexpensive – in contrast to finite fossil fuels. And it’s essential to keep in mind that the marketplace rate of fossil fuels does not replicate the rate all of us pay as they’re burned. It doesn’t account for the clinical expenses to deal with allergies, the tax bucks to rebuild after a flood or the human fee of a storm reinforced by weather change. This tells huge Polluters that they could unload limitless carbon pollutants into the surroundings without any results.


When it’s cloudy outdoors, we can still see, right? We can even get quite terrible sunburn on an overcast day. Meaning light from the solar continues to be accomplishing the Earth’s surface, and solar panels can still harness that energy to make electricity. While direct daylight is right, solar panels can still produce between 10 and 25 percent of their ordinary output on a cloudy day. And as for wintry days? Solar panels create power with the sun’s light, not its warmness (although solar heating systems manifestly paintings differently). And it might wonder you to examine that solar panels surely carry out better in cooler temperatures.

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” THOMAS EDISON.


Most solar panels produce energy for 25 years or greater because the components don’t wear out effortlessly. In reality, most of the first solar systems mounted over 40 years ago are still active today. Better yet, the usage of solar energy diversifies our energy resources, which makes the complete grid extra reliable. Despite everything, a smart grid uses many unique assets of energy and technology. In this manner, if a hurricane or different occasion knocks out one supply, there are lots of others to step in and fill the space so the lights live on.

Through the use of solar, different renewable technologies like wind, and electricity storage in large and greater linked grids, we can create a twenty-first-century energy device that offers dependable energy 24/7 irrespective of the weather. All without fueling weather change. Because of this, it’s not just a case of should we update growing older fossil gasoline infrastructure – like previous and inefficient coal-fired energy plants – however, how speedy are we able to do it. Plus, by switching to renewable resources of energy just like the solar approach we are able to store billions of bucks. not handiest by heading off the charges of changing these plants, but additionally averting an increasing number of better charges of weather change – like hospital bills and damage from intense climate.


As prices fall, the call for solar power is growing. In 2017, there have been a total of greater than 402 gig watts of mounted solar PV around the arena – up from simply 8 gig watts in 2007. That’s almost a 5,000 percent boom in one decade alone. And that means jobs, jobs, jobs. In the year (2017), 3.37 million humans around the world had been hired with the aid of the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry alone. And the outlook for the destiny is even sunnier. In the US, they predict solar PV installer to be the single-quickest developing career through 2026. These are blue-collar jobs with above-common wages –a solar PV installer in the US can expect to make simply below $40,000 a year. Plus, solar is developing jobs and opportunities for individuals who don’t always get a truthful shot within the painting’s pressure. In keeping with the solar foundation, 1 / 4 of American solar jobs are stuffed by minorities, extra than 1 / 4 by using ladies, and nearly 10 percent via veterans.


Things are simplest looking up as solar energy gets inexpensive and greater efficient each day. Burning fossil fuels is the primary purpose of weather exchange. However, we can energy our world with dependable renewable assets of energy like solar. Be part of a chapter to your community whether truth has chapters across the United States which might work to move their communities towards a healthier, greater sustainable future powered via smooth energy technologies like solar. In reality, a lot of our chapters work on our 100% devoted campaign, taking part with towns, counties, faculties, and organizations to make the switch to 100 percent renewable energy. Be a part of a chapter today and assist carry actual climate solutions to your community. Keep studying extra about RENEWABLES AND climate change. At climate fact, we work hard to create academic content material like blogs, eBooks, films, and more to empower human beings all around the world to combat climate solutions and stand together to force the alternative we want

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